Why Don’t You See Things Like I Do

    This piece changes appearance based on the viewing angle. Viewing from the front, it appears as a huge question mark. From the side, it appears as an exclamation point. I see this work as a reflection of how we, as humans, get so entrenched in our viewpoints, that we can’t or won’t take the time to look at things from a different angle and perhaps see what the other is seeing.

    This aerial is made from 2330 one-inch pieces of glass, each one hand-cut, notched and strung. It measures 24 x 24 x 63″, including the canopy.



    Alliance For The Arts (Fort Myers Florida) 35th Annual All Florida Exhibition

    Imagine Museum (St. Petersburg Florida), Florida: In Transformation exhibition


    Available for sale directly through the artist.

    Commissions are welcome.