Big Blue

    Trust. Clean water. Freedom. Truth. Loyalty. The color blue has endless connotations to our beautiful state, and we cannot take any of them for granted.

    In this sculpture, 116 cords suspend 2009 pieces of kilnformed glass, strung using tension instead of drilling into the glass.

    The work’s construction highlights the fragility of our natural resources and societal foundations, and the tension that must exist to keep everything beautifully in balance.

    The shape of the exclamation mark serves to draw attention and to convey urgency to these issues as we continue to struggle with them in Florida and beyond.

    Big Blue measures in at more than 4 1/2 feet.

    This piece was awarded second place in Imagine Museum’s Florida: In Transformation juried exhibition in 2022.

    This piece is available for purchase through Chase Edwards Contemporary, Palm Beach Florida.

    Commissions are welcome.