Artist LouAnn Wukitsch


    When I take a moment to look at the world — really step back and become an observer — I am overwhelmed with how much beauty is packed into the backdrops of our everyday. I find it in Creation — the gnarled old tree that grows along the river, a gentle waterfall cascading out of a rocky crevice; and also in things created by man – in language, architecture, and even in the relationships between one another. My intention as an artist is to look through the lens I’ve been given and create something beautiful that stirs emotion and makes us feel more alive.

    Salt and Light Studios is located in Fort Myers, Florida, a sunny destination city just south of the burgeoning “glass coast” of Tampa, St. Petersburg and Sarasota. Owner and artist LouAnn Wukitsch formed Salt and Light Studios in 2015 after spending many years in the worlds of advertising, corporate marketing and art consulting.

    My work is currently represented by Chasen Galleries (Sarasota, Florida), Gallery One (Naples, Florida), ADC Fine Art (Cincinnati, Ohio) and Saatchi Art.